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General Inpatient Care

You can count on us when it comes to quality general inpatient care.

An Inpatient Unit

Offering a new approach to the existing hospice model, Life’s Journey’s Inpatient Unit will be open to any hospice patient that is enrolled in a hospice program through an existing hospice provider meeting the level of care for General Inpatient, Respite, or Private Pay. Any hospice provider meeting the highest standards of care is welcome to enter into an agreement to utilize our Inpatient Unit as their own.

Traditionally, Inpatient Units are exclusive to the hospice operating or owning the unit. Our Inpatient Unit is truly non-affiliated and will be open to all hospice providers and their patients.

Although hospice is not a “place”, there comes a time where the hospice philosophy can be better served in a “place”.

Your Inpatient Unit

Life’s Journey of Avon encourages contracted hospice providers to embrace this as “their” Inpatient Unit. As your partner, we will utilize your protocols during your patients’ care while you provide the ongoing care plan that we will follow. Our computerized hospice system, with a robust IPU module, documents the specific level of care of the patient being served.

As we carry out our mission, we don’t only serve you and your patient with excellence, but we represent ourselves as an extension of your company. Working together, we change and improve the management of hospice care while giving our patients and their families the experience they truly deserve during such a tender and emotional time.

At the end of the day, no matter what is the patient’s outcome, whether it be a peaceful death, return to home, or symptom relief itself, we want them to thank you for offering a beautiful and peaceful facility. A facility staffed with caring professionals grounded and centered in hospice care exclusively.

For further inquiries regarding this service, please feel free to call one of our accommodating staff 317-561-6840.